Spain Holidays and Vacations: Visiting Beautiful Lloret De Mar

Are you in search of something new for your vacation destination? If that is so, I highly recommend that you consider booking a trip to Spain. More specifically, the tourist town of Lloret de Mar along the Costa Brava coastline.

Fun and entertainment in some of the most beautiful beaches:

Lloret de Mar is a tourist town whose main attraction are its beautiful beaches. The towns main beach is Playa de Lloret. If you are an adventure seeker, this is the beach for you. You can find all kind of beach activities here, including parasailing, snorkeling, water skiing and more. The numerous bars and dance clubs help keep the excitement going into the night.

There are also beaches available for those in search of tranquility and an escape from the material world. One beach that comes to mind is Cala Morisca. This beach is recommended for those wanting to escape into nature. The atmosphere here is quite the opposite of what you find at Lloret de Mar’s main beach. With over 10 beaches to choose from, there is bound to be something for everyone.

History and Dining:

Lloret de Mar is a town with a one thousand year history. This fishing town has plenty to offer for those interested in the towns rich history. Whether you are interested in museums, castles, or excavation sites, Lloret de Mar has you covered. The towns rich history can also be seen in the cuisine.

Aside from the traditional Catalan cuisine, you will find that Lloret del Mar offers a diverse dining experience. You will find mediterranean cuisine, as well as dishes from all parts of Europe and the Americas.


Need a place to stay while you are here? Thanks to the fact that Lloret de Mar is a major tourist attraction, that will not be a problem. There are plenty of beach houses and Villas that you can rent while you vacation here. Thank fully, many of the hotels and townhouses are a walking distance from the beach and shopping centers. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your travel agent and start making arrangements to visit Lloret de Mar along the Costa Brava coastline. If you are an adventure seeker, nature lover, or history buff, you will not be disappointed.

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